About CMT In School

Canberra Music Tuition currently provides one-on-one instrumental tuition in 15 Canberra and NSW schools. We take care of all administration including invoicing and timetabling, leaving nothing to be done by the school. We aim to run a seamless, invisible program that enriches students' education and adds an extra dimension to the school.

Individual Tuition

Quality one-on-one tuition runs conveniently at school during the school day or at after school care. CMT issues rotated timetables to ensure students don't keep missing the same subjects.

School Ensembles

CMT can add a school ensemble rehearsal to the program Choose from Guitar Ensemble, String Ensemble or School Band $60 per term per student
Instrument hire is available if required Starts from as little as $40/term (guitar)
Hire Rates

How it Works

  • Canberra Music Tuition provides specialist instrumental teachers to travel to your school once a week.
  • Lessons are provided one-on-one by properly vetted teachers.
  • Teachers (where possible) collect children from class to ensure they don’t forget their lessons.
  • Many schools use a rotating timetable, where the times are shifted each week to ensure students don’t repeatedly miss the same school subjects.
  • After-school tuition is available where there is after school care.

To get started:

  1. Please talk to us about your requirements (i.e. which instruments will be taught, whether a school ensemble is also of interest, etc)
  2. Once the school is happy to commence lessons, CMT would just need to know the availability of a teaching space (and a piano if applicable) so that the appropriate teacher is rostered
  3.  A newsletter announcement will be placed to enroll all interested students
  4.  Lessons will commence as soon as there are 2 or more students enrolled.


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