Exam Preparation

As part of our continued commitment to excellence in music, CMT provides tuition to prepare students for the music examination process. We mainly use the AMEB system as this is the most widely recognized both nationally and internationally. The AMEB system also provides excellent resources and repertoire availability.

The exam process is a big step for students to take and is certainly not for all students. It is a process which requires a real commitment from students, parents and teachers, with most exams requiring at least 6-9 months' preparation, and the upper grades needing even more time.

In Canberra, AMEB piano students can sit exams in June or October and for most other instruments students can sit exams only in June each year.

Prepare early on the same piano

In almost all cases, CMT piano students get to take the exam at CMT on our Grand Pianos. This affords our students the capability to practice on the same exam instrument ahead of time and get used to the specific touch of the keys and the room acoustics. This familiarity offers students greater confidence going into the exam. Other instrumentalists may be scheduled in other venues depending on demand.

As exam time approaches we offer students the option of extra lessons, mock exams with other teachers, and mini concerts to help them iron everything out and settle their nerves before exam day arrives.

More information is available at www.ameb.edu.au or by asking your instrumental teacher at the next lesson.

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Please note, the AMEB runs completely independently of Canberra Music Tuition, including exam fees and regulations.